New Story Starters for Homework

Welcome to our new story starters.

In the video above is a little bit of why and how we are launching the story starters. The idea is that as teachers you can set a story starter for homework each week, to encourage children to write creatively and for pleasure. Homework often becomes a chore for both the child and the teacher and there is often little time in the school day to let children fully exploring their creative writing.

Obviously it is up to you how you use the story starters but here are a few ideas:

  1. Just ask them to write a story. Fantastic! Children have fantastic imaginations and love stories as we found with our recent writing competition.
  2. Ask them to write the story using some of the interesting vocabulary, but please be careful with this as we don’t want to stifle their creativity. The interesting vocabulary is not designed to be a spelling list as the story starters cover all ages and abilities.
  3. Ask them to write a story one week and then edit it the next adding in certain vocabulary and grammar. Kids are always amazed when we go into school as authors and say it takes us a few days to write a story and weeks and weeks to edit it.
  4. Use the story starters for a game of storytelling roulette. This is great for developing speaking skills. Each person in a circle tells part of the story. You point to the next person to continue the story. If someone can’t think of anything or are reluctant to speak just get them to say a word of two even if it’s ‘and then …’. There are more ideas on how to use storytelling roulette in the video.

For more writing tips please go to our Facebook page and in the photos you will see all the writing tips we released for our writing competition.

Story starter 11 – When I met a kangaroo

This week’s story starter is inspired by Australia and would make a good homework to set. Here is Tonya and Natasha discussing this week’s story starter.

Download this image to stick into homework books

When writing the story think about how you met the kangaroo.

Where did you meet them was it here or in Australia.

Where did you go with the kangaroo and what was it like.

Could anyone else see the kangaroo?

What did you do? Did you go in his pouch?


Here is some vocabulary you can use (taken from National Curriculum spelling lists):

  1. Australia
  2. outback
  3. jumped
  4. jumping
  5. bright
  6. faster
  7. fastest
  8. happily
  9. gladly
  10. marsupial
  11. foreign
  12. temperature

We would love to hear your stories please post them in the comments below






Story Starter 10 – There on the stair sat …..

This week’s story starter is very open ended to allow the imagination to wander. We have a few suggestions in the video below to help. The graphic below can be printed and put in homework books and there is also some interesting vocabulary that can be used.


Hope you enjoy this one, we would love to hear your stories please post them in the comments.


There on the stair sat











  1. stair
  2. step
  3. flight
  4. burst
  5. disappear
  6. creature
  7. cautious
  8. whose
  9. who’s
  10. imaginary

Story Starter 9 – Splash!

Here is the latest story starter inspired by a winter walk near a lake.

Story Starter - Splash This image can be printed out and stuck in homework books or link to the video below.

This conjures up all sorts of ideas – who or what has gone splash, is it something under the water or was it something falling in, how did it get out, did it get out??

Find out what inspired us to come up with this one.

Here is some interesting vocabulary that you could use in the story taking from National Curriculum spelling lists

  1. plop
  2. sunk
  3. jumped
  4. squash
  5. squeeze
  6. water
  7. submerged
  8. reappear
  9. disastrous
  10. environment
  11. temperature
  12. reflection

Worms, Yucky Worms

Happy New Year. This half term sees me back with my reception year group. It is lovely to see how much they have grown in confidence from when they were visiting preschoolers just six months ago.

Yucky worms

My theme for this half term is mini beasts starting with worms. The children were really excited by this and not one went ‘ugh’. We started with the book Yucky Worms by Vivian French┬áso that they understood why worms are so good for the earth and their anatomy.



We then made wormeries, Continue reading

Story Starter 8 The day I got stuck in the largest toy shop in the world

This week’s story starter has a festive spirit as it was filmed outside Hamleys with singing elves. Watch the video below to see if you can see them.

The day I got stuck in the largest toy shop in the world

Here is an image for you to print off and put in homework books.

Can you spot the singing elf.

Check out our Facebook page for more video of the singing elves.

Here is some interesting vocabulary taken from the National Curriculum word lists.

  1. magic
  2. night
  3. play
  4. afraid
  5. buzzer
  6. sleigh
  7. naughty
  8. accidentally
  9. Christmas
  10. disastrous


Story Starter 7 Teddy’s adventure in the black cab

This week’s story is inspired by a black London taxi.

Use the image above to print and stick into homework books or link to the video below of authors and storytelling sisters Tonya and Natasha to inspire your class.

Here is some interesting vocabulary you could use in the story:

  1. taxi
  2. jumped
  3. ride
  4. bare
  5. bear
  6. forgotten
  7. forgetting
  8. adventure
  9. vehicle
  10. mischievous

Story Starter 6 – The day I met the Queen

If London is your topic this term than this story starter would make a great homework activity.









Hear from authors Tonya and Natasha about this story starter.

Here is some interesting vocabulary for the story – taken from the National Curriculm word lists:

  1. kitchen
  2. dogs
  3. bedroom
  4. clothes
  5. peculiar
  6. reign
  7. century
  8. foreign
  9. privilege
  10. accompany