Craft Diary – 5th May 2013 – Bees and Ladybirds

At this time of year when the flowers start coming out it is a great time to talk about nature. Well what better way than to look at the work of bees and ladybirds. Our stories this week are The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle and Hows Bees Be by Alison Boyle and Laura Hambleton. I think I prefer The Bad Tempered Ladybird to The Hungry Caterpillar which I know is a classic but I really enjoyed this book.

bad tempered ladybird

How bees be




How Bees Be is great at explaining how colonies work in a fun and humourous way.

After the stories we then made face masks.  I used up some kits I’ve had for a long time which I think I had from Baker Ross so I’ve provided some templates for you to make out of coloured card or foam.

Masks Bee Mask









The templates are designed to be printed at A3 if you can’t print at A3 you can print at A4 and enlarge on the photocopier.

Bee Mask template

Ladybird Mask Template

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