Well we did it!  Our first exhibition.  It was planned with meticulous precision but it didn’t stop things going wrong.  Fortunately it was nothing major. Our printers machine broke whilst he was printing our catalogues but he managed to get them all done for us in time, although I know he was sweating, and our book stand didn’t arrive as it should have done. Thankfully a knight in shining armour brought it to the show with him and we had it to use by lunchtime on the first day, so all was well in the end.

We also decided to launch two new kits at the show.  Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot and Pojo and the Knights of Chepstow Castle.   As well as getting all that ready, Natasha also did an interactive workshop on creative literacy demonstrating how to use craft activities with stories to embed the learning. We don’t do things by halves when we do something. Is it any wonder we collapsed in a heap on the Saturday night!!!

Now we know from the testing we’ve done so far that the kids all love Pojo and his adventures but you are never quite sure what kind of reaction you are going to get when you do these things.  Well we needn’t have worried.  Everyone thought our storytelling kits were a fantastic idea and was something that the kids would absolutely love doing.

So as you can imagine we were very relieved to get such fantastic feedback from people as we sat down with a very well deserved glass of wine.


Natasha & Tonya Childcare Expo 14 vers 3


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