The Great Toilet Roll Myth


Great toilet roll myth


As regulars to this blog will know I often create things with children using toilet rolls and egg boxes. A couple of times I have been challenged about this with people saying they are not safe. So to make sure I checked it out and found this from the myth busting team of the HSE, egg boxes and toilet rolls and safe to use as long as they look clean. The HSE has produced this poster which you can download, I now keep a copy of this in my creative storytelling box in case anyone asks. Whilst researching I did see some people suggesting that you should microwave toilet rolls for 10 seconds PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! The risk of them catching fire is by far greater and it wouldn’t kill the germs anyway.

However if you are at all worried use a tube from a kitchen roll and cut it in half.


2 thoughts on “The Great Toilet Roll Myth

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