The Enormous Turnip Literacy Lesson

20150429_101655Getting children involved and encouraging them to retellĀ  or in early years helping you retell a story is a vital step towards them developing their own stories.

When a child holds a puppet they’ve made it belongs to them. We’ve had a fair few tears from children who have put down their puppets and then can’t find them, in our time. And it is this possession that encourages reluctant speaks to come out of their shells. Puppets help to develop children’s speaking and listening skills when they are used to retell a story. But puppets that they have made take this to another level.

Regulars to our blog know we do puppet making activities regularly not only because we develop puppet making kits but because t is such a fantastic way to get children to interact with stories whether they are 3 or 13 an able learner or have profound learning difficulties. It give opportunities for retelling but for the children to develop their own stories. This happens quite naturally through role play. That certainly happened this week with our story The Enormous Turnip. We created the puppets using the templates which are downloadable below and retold the story getting in order to act it out. The children at the end of the session were happily creating their own stories with the puppets.

Download the puppet templates for The Enormous Turnip here.

I love this Russian folk tale as it shows that just a little bit more effort makes all the difference and how important working together is.

We also use this story when we are training to help early years practitioners and primary teachers plan how to build children’s interactions with stories.

So get your group/class pull, pull, pulling. it can lead to great discussions on how plants grow, healthy eating and how we can work together.

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