Handa’s Surprise Storytelling Game

Handa’s Surprise Picture book £6.99, big book £19.99

For this story we decorated a plastic by covering it with strips of paper to represent Handa’s basket. The we used sponge fruit shapes to create picture of the different fruits. We took it in turns to be Handa carrying the bowl and the rest of the group took fruit from the bowl and in the end putting the tangerines in.

Storytelling Game

Also in the session we played a game where we passed the empty bowl around an in turn we took an imaginary item from the bowl and acted it out. We started with the fruits and we pretended to eat them and acted out what they would taste like. This is an important storytelling skill, showing your audience through your body about the things/story you can see in your mind.

You can develop this game further with older children in that whatever they take from the bowl they have to tell a story about or alternatively put some things in the bowl and they have to pick one to weave into a story.


Get the children to retell the story of Handa’s Surprise and sequence the story using wooden characters and story talk cards.

Handa’s Surprise Wooden Character Set £25


Handa’s Surprise Picture book £6.99, big book £19.99

Handa’s Surprise Story Talk Cards £10.00Save

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