Who’s Bad and Who’s Good Little Red Riding Hood

Who's bad and who's good little red riding hoodThis is the second in our safeguarding fairy tales. series.  This story is a fantastic way of talking to children about stranger danger in a non frightening way. I always find this a hard subject to tackle because you want to make the children understand that not everyone is good but you also don’t want to frighten them or make them feel that they can’t ask for help if they need it.

The story is very funny, it is a real twist on the version we all know. Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t talk to the wolf because she has been told not to talk to strangers but she confides all to a little fluffy bunny. When she gets to granny’s house and finds the wolf in granny’s clothes in her bed she thinks the worst. So when a policeman bursts in and arrests the bunny aka Bunny Burglar, she finds she can’t judge who is good by looking at them. I won’t spoil the story by telling you how the wolf ends up at Granny’s house.

Again I’ve used this story in two ways; one by discussing how strangers are anyone they don’t know and that we shouldn’t tell them all about ourselves. We also spoke about who we should speak to if we are in danger, policemen/woman, a mum with children, shopkeepers.

Secondly from a literacy point of view we discussed the similarities and differences from the story they already know. We then did an exercise of  who else could Little Red Riding Hood meet and what bad things they could do so the children could make up their own versions of the story. One of the best stories to come out was of Little Red Riding Hood meeting a cheetah who cheated at a race to granny’s house.

We then made the characters from the story and retold it. I used the templates from my previous blog on Little Red Riding Hood, plus  a rabbit (available on a previous post) and a general man General Man template.

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