Hi and welcome to the Little Creative Days blog.

If you are sitting comfortably I’ll begin.

So what do we blog about?

Well anything creative to do with children’s literature, also articles on child development, good company news (because we don’t like bad news and we want this to be a positive space to share ideas), useful techniques and how to to teach them to children.

Who writes it?

Tonya and Natasha

Tonya Meers (Chief Storyteller) and Natasha Dennis (The Crafty Chief)









The blog is mainly written by me (Natasha) and by my sister/ co author / business partner / other half of brain Tonya. I write abou creative storytelling sessions that I run in one particular school every week. Obviously it is a lot easier to plan just one session a week than the 20+ sessions most teachers pan so I share what I do to save you time. The school I go into is a small village school and the class I’m involved with is a mixture of reception, year one and two. Sometimes when we are testing our own kits I go into the key stage 2 classes.

Why we love creative storytelling?

By combining stories with creative activites it makes a really powerful way of teaching. It that means the children are engaged and that they retain the knowledge so much longer. It is also inclusive so those with SEN or those that just learning visually or kinesthetically get to learn on a level playing field. By using the objects created to interact with a story the lessons stick long in the mind. There are also really fun to teach and it is great seeing the confidence boost the children get from making.

We have had a fantastic time writing our own stories about curriculum topics and creating puppet making kits (and other creative activities) and seeing the difference it makes to children.

We hope you enjoy the blog and we love getting feedback so please don’t be afraid to comment.

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