Story starter 11 – When I met a kangaroo

This week’s story starter is inspired by Australia and would make a good homework to set. Here is Tonya and Natasha discussing this week’s story starter.

Download this image to stick into homework books

When writing the story think about how you met the kangaroo.

Where did you meet them was it here or in Australia.

Where did you go with the kangaroo and what was it like.

Could anyone else see the kangaroo?

What did you do? Did you go in his pouch?


Here is some vocabulary you can use (taken from National Curriculum spelling lists):

  1. Australia
  2. outback
  3. jumped
  4. jumping
  5. bright
  6. faster
  7. fastest
  8. happily
  9. gladly
  10. marsupial
  11. foreign
  12. temperature

We would love to hear your stories please post them in the comments below






Worms, Yucky Worms

Happy New Year. This half term sees me back with my reception year group. It is lovely to see how much they have grown in confidence from when they were visiting preschoolers just six months ago.

Yucky worms

My theme for this half term is mini beasts starting with worms. The children were really excited by this and not one went ‘ugh’. We started with the book Yucky Worms by Vivian French so that they understood why worms are so good for the earth and their anatomy.



We then made wormeries, Continue reading

Story Starter #2 Who or what is in the leaves

Here is our second story starter and we thought we would go outside and get some inspiration in this fantastic autumnal weather.


Here is the image you can print and put in homework books.

story starter

Imagine who or what is in the pile of leaves, do you want to be found or are your hiding? Are you snuggling down for the winter and want to be left alone or do you wish people would see you?

What is like in the leaves?

What happens to you?

Let you imagination go wild.



Interesting vocabulary you could use:

  1. autumnal
  2. rustle
  3. crunch
  4. buried
  5. golden
  6. crimson
  7. leaves
  8. mound
  9. snuggle
  10. prepare


Superfrog making up Superhero stories

To kick off our superhero topic with my new group of reception children we shared Superfrog and The Big Stink. The children really enjoyed this story especially as to fly Superfrog has to blow air from his bottom.

I wanted to get the group thinking about making up stories. So we made our own Superfrogs (click here for the Frog Template)  and talked about their super powers. We then stated thinking about what adventures our superfrogs could have. They started with stopping a tall tower falling over. One child had he idea of helping Father Christmas, Continue reading

Handa’s Surprise Storytelling Game

Handa’s Surprise Picture book £6.99, big book £19.99

For this story we decorated a plastic by covering it with strips of paper to represent Handa’s basket. The we used sponge fruit shapes to create picture of the different fruits. We took it in turns to be Handa carrying the bowl and the rest of the group took fruit from the bowl and in the end putting the tangerines in.

Storytelling Game

Also in the session we played a game Continue reading

Owl Babies Finger Puppets

Owl Babies is fast becoming a firm favourite with me. There are so many things you can discuss from the story. Such as how we try and sound brave when we are scared, feelings about being lost and about how we love our mums. I have told this story often in the run up to Mother’s Day.

For this story we created finger puppets.

Here is a template for the puppets.

We then decorated them with feathers and retold the story using the back of chairs for branches. It would have been fantastic to do this story outside with an old branch. Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful on the day we did this.

Get the children to go through the sequence of the story this is where story talk cards come in handy. Retelling the story really gets the children into the repeated rhythms of the book. The finger puppets help those reluctant to speak or those with EAL to join in.

This story is often one I use when teaching early years practitioners how to use Big Books and Puppets with Children with EAL.

Hope if becomes a favourite with you to.

Owl Babies Story Talk Cards £10

Owl Babies Wooden Characters £18.00

Owl Babies Picture Book £6.99, Big Book £19.99

Three Billy Goats Story Sequencing

Three Billy Goats

For this story we reused our story box from Farmer Duck but this time our veg carton instead of being a bed was a bridge. I just added a piece of blue felt for the water. We made the goats using the template I used before when doing Three Billy Goats, which you can download and wrap around a cardboard tube. Continue reading