Handa’s Surprise Storytelling Game

Handa’s Surprise Picture book £6.99, big book £19.99

For this story we decorated a plastic by covering it with strips of paper to represent Handa’s basket. The we used sponge fruit shapes to create picture of the different fruits. We took it in turns to be Handa carrying the bowl and the rest of the group took fruit from the bowl and in the end putting the tangerines in.

Storytelling Game

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Desert Activity for Year 2s.

How the camel got his humpMeerkat mailWe are continuing our environment theme with the year 2’s this week, in the desert. We started with our stories, Meerkat Mail and Shoo Rayner’s version of Rydard Kipling’s How the Camel Got His Hump, so that we could talk about the desert environment.  I did show them a photo of our own meerkat Tonya Meers on a camel.Tonya on camel

We then made our desert in a box.

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We are going on Safari

Serengeti story box 2 This week sees the culmination of our African animals series, by creating a story box using the tigers, zebras, elephants and giraffes we have made this half term.

Until now most of the children thought the anmals we were creating were jungle animals because this is how they are mainly show in children’s products and literature. We all went on safariSo our story this week, We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs and Julia Cairns introduced them to the grassland plains of Africa specifically Tanzania. The books contains a map as to where it is.

In this story a group of Maasai friends go on a journey through the grasslands counting the animals they see in both English and Swahilli. Although I don’t know how good my Swahilli pronunciations were.

We then created our own safari story boxes.

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Creative Literacy Diary – Giraffe stories and activity

Pardon said the giraffeWell I do have some tall tales for you this week! We have two giraffe stories, both are stories about the giraffe’s great height. The first is ‘Pardon said the Giraffe’ by Colin West. In this story the giraffe can’t hear what a frog is saying so the frog with the help of a lot of friends climbs up to talk to the giraffe. This is a lovely colourful book about a very polite giraffe. Giant Giraffes The next story Giant Giraffes! by Sally Grindley is about Noah and his wife going in search of the animals for the ark. It’s a very funny story as Noah needs to get his toolkit to accommodate the tall giraffes. My year one group liked both of these stories. We only have a short session otherwise I would have loved to have told one of my favourites: Roald Dahl’s The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me.

How to make the giraffe

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The Greedy Zebra

The story this week couldn’t be more perfect for our African animal theme. It’s Greedy Zebra it’s part of the African Animal Tales series by Mwenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kernaway. Greedy Zebra It is a tale about how the animals get their coats. The story starts with all the animals having dull drab skins and one stormy day they discover a cave full of furs and skins. Continue reading

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Activities

Tiger crafts for children When every anyone is asked to think of a tiger story for children I’m sure Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea can’t be far from the top of the list. So it was definitely included in this week’s session. Also included Continue reading

Craft Diary – 8th January 2014 – Elephants

This week sees the start of our series on African animals. We start with elephants. This term I have a year one group, it is lovely to have this group back as I had them all last year when they were reception.

We started the session by painting toilet roll tubes with grey paint see below. Whilst they were drying we had our stories; Elephants by Petr Horacek and The Elephant and the bad baby by Elfrida Viport.

Elephant by Petr Horacek The elephant and the bad baby




The illustrations from The Elephant and the bad baby are delightful by Raymond Briggs.

Now to make the elephants:

elephant craft





We took an egg box and cut out one of the egg holders and cut that in two. We stuck these to a toilet roll tube and painted these grey.

We took three grey paper circles. One of these circles we cut in half and stuck it to either side of one of the other circles to form the ears.

Next we cut a trunk shape out of grey paper – I had done this, as well as cutting out the circles before the session. Then we stuck the trunk on a drew on eyes.

We then stuck on the face to the toilet roll tube by putting sticky tape inside the top of the toilet roll tube and the back of the face. We did the same again with the other circle to form the bottom of the elephant.