Story starter 11 – When I met a kangaroo

This week’s story starter is inspired by Australia and would make a good homework to set. Here is Tonya and Natasha discussing this week’s story starter.

Download this image to stick into homework books

When writing the story think about how you met the kangaroo.

Where did you meet them was it here or in Australia.

Where did you go with the kangaroo and what was it like.

Could anyone else see the kangaroo?

What did you do? Did you go in his pouch?


Here is some vocabulary you can use (taken from National Curriculum spelling lists):

  1. Australia
  2. outback
  3. jumped
  4. jumping
  5. bright
  6. faster
  7. fastest
  8. happily
  9. gladly
  10. marsupial
  11. foreign
  12. temperature

We would love to hear your stories please post them in the comments below






Rainbow Bird Finger Puppets

Rainbow bird finger puppet 1I started this session by teling the traditional aboriginal tale, Rainbow Bird. In it a crocodile has control of fire, without fire Bird Woman is cold, in the dark and has it eat her food raw. Bird Woman outsmarts the crocodile and waits for him to go to sleep and then takes his fire sticks and put them in her tail and spreads lights and fire from tree to tree, so from then on anyone can have fire by burning trees and the Bird Woman has bright tail feathers and becomes Rainbow Bird.

Rainbow bird by eric maddernI used Eric Maddern’s version for my telling.

Making the finger puppets

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Wombat goes walkabout and he thinks and he digs…..

Wombat face maskOur Australian theme carries on this week with Wombats. We made face masks and claws this week so that we could act out our story. I really wish I had got a photo with all the children with their masks and claws but I was so busy with the story as our session was nearly over I forgot. Times flies when you are having fun. I did manage to get his picture though.

To make the mask and claws

  1. Print out this Wombat Template onto card and cut out.
  2. Make the holes ready for the elastic.
  3. Let the children decorate the mask and claws with any materials they like, we used fabric, paint, pencils and felt tips.
  4. Thread elastic through the holes and tie. Please be careful with young children and long chords.


Wombat goes WalkaboutWe then had our story Michael Morpurgo’s Wombat Goes Walkabout. I love this story and so did the children. It is about a little wombat who has lost his mum. He meets many animals on search for his mother who are all to keen to tell him what they can do. When they ask him what he does, he replies, ‘ I think a lot and a I dig a lot’.  I got the children joining in with this bit. Repeating phrases in stories are great for interaction. Well all that thinking and digging saves the day, this is the part of the story where the children acted out the thinking and digging with their new claws. This story is definitely a firm favourite of mine and is great for creative literacy as you can interact with it easily and opens up the landscape and animals of Australia and the threat that they are under from forest fires.

There’s an Ouch in my Pouch – Wallaby Craft Activity

This week was the start of my regular creative storytelling sessions for this term. This half term I have a year one group and the our theme is going to be Australia. We are kicking off with wallabies.

There's an ouch in my PouchI had thought that most of the children would have known the storWallaby activityy There’s a Ouch in My Pouch by Jeanne Willis as it arrived in our house in one of the Bookstart packs but they didn’t seem to know it. In the story Willaby Wallaby does a lot of boinging around so I wanted to create a wallaby that moved. To ahieve this we used paper fasternet to join the limbs.


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