Goldilocks and The Three Bears

goldilocks-and-the-three-bears-puppetsOur traditional tale this week is Goldilocks and the three bears. I thought I would use puppets this week to get the children to retell the story. Puppets are my favourite way of getting children to interact with stories. It is wonderful the way a child will take on a character when they hold a puppet that they have made. And the fact that they have made it themselves makes them more attached to the character and what to be that character. Which helps their literacy as they can then see the story from their character’s perspective.  It also leads them to develop their own story about the character.

We used one of our cardboard theatres, to get the idea of an upstairs and downstairs I designed two scenes. I placed the downstairs on the aperture of the theatre and then placed the upstairs on the back panel.

Download the puppet templates here.

Download the scenery here.

Download scenery here.

The children loved retelling the story using the theatre.

To develop their story development further we then looked at ways we could change the story.

What if it wasn’t bears living in the house?

What animal could it be?

What else could they be having other than porridge?

What else could have made them go out for a walk?

What else could Goldilocks have done when she came face to face with the bears?

The children came up with some fascinating ideas. Most thought Goldilocks shouldn’t have been there in the first place and shouldn’t have run away and apologised.

Reusable cardboard puppet theatre, children will have fun decorate this puppet theatre £14.00

Reusable cardboard puppet theatre, children will have fun decorate this puppet theatre £14.00

Picture book, big book available from £5.00

Picture book, big book available from £5.00

Goldilocks and wooden characters from £10.00

Goldilocks and wooden characters from £10.00

Arctic Waterless Snow Globes

This half term I have a year two group. We are going to be looking at different environments starting with the Arctic.

The Big DarkWe started with the story The Big Dark by John Prater. This story is about an Inuit boy called Little Chinoo who goes on a long journey with his parents during the big dark. It’s a great story to talk about how the North Pole has very little daylight during the winter and long days during the summer. We then made our waterless snow globes to remind us of our second story.

How to make an arctic water-less snow globe.

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Craft Diary – Bear Stories and Crafts

Today is the first of a new series of sessions on woodland animals. The series will culminate with a story box of a christmas story featuring the woodland animals. Now I know bears aren’t woodland animals in this country but they most definitely are in North America where the final story and today’s story are set.

This week is was very easy to find bear stories but I wanted to do one about hibernation so I chose Karma Wilson’s Bear Snores on – this if from a series of books about Bear. This is one of my favourites as the kids love making all the snoring noises. Other books I would recommend like this are:

Bear snores on  Slurpy Burpy BearBear says thanks



Previously when I have done stories about bears I used Jex Aldborough Where’s My Teddy.

Today’s craft was relatively simple as it is going to be mounted later for the storybox. Using a variety of media, paint, pens, fur and felt the kids decorated this bear Bear template.

Bear crafts for early years

Pretty impressive I think


Craft Diary – 28th Nov 2012 – If you go down to the woods today …..

Welcome to the craft diary. I’ve started as a volunteer at pur local primary school doing stories and crafts with a reception class. In the craft diary I want to share with you the stories and crafts that we do and give you some ideas for activities you can do to.

This week’s theme is ‘a walk in the woods’. I chose Jez Alborough’s Where’s My Teddy which turned out to be very appropriate as the day before Little Man had lost his most cherished teddy, Hugo. Little Man has had Hugo since the day he was born and has been attached to him ever since. The kids loved the story.

Where's My Teddy





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