Three Billy Goats Story Sequencing

Three Billy Goats

For this story we reused our story box from Farmer Duck but this time our veg carton instead of being a bed was a bridge. I just added a piece of blue felt for the water. We made the goats using the template I used before when doing Three Billy Goats, which you can download and wrap around a cardboard tube. Continue reading

Farmer Duck Retelling the Story

Farmer Duck

I started the session with my reception group by telling the story. We then created our farm animals ready to retell the story using a story box.

The templates for the characters are below or alternatively you could use these great wooden characters.

I had created the box from a cardboard box I had, I cut off the flaps and one of the side panels. I then painted the remaining sides light blue and covered the base in green felt. I then cut out some hills and sun in paper and some strips of white paper for a picket fence.

We then created the farmer’s bed from a vegetable container. I snapped it at two corners and raised the side to make a headboard. We then covered it in pieces of felt.

The children then had a great time retelling the story using the box.

Template for Farmer Duck Characters

Cut out templates and fold in half to decorate.

These story talk cards are also a great way of getting children to put the sequence of the story together.


Farmer Duck Story Talk Cards £10.00

Farmer Duck Wooden Character Set £20.00






Three Billy Goats Gruff

Trip trap, trip trap, trip trap. Who’s that trip trapping across my blog!

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As we are nearing the end of of farm animals series, this week it is the turn of the goat. I chose the goat as it will soon be Chinese New Year and this year is the year of the goat according to some sources. Although some say the year of the ram. Anyway it is a horned animal. So our story this week is Three Billy Boats Gruff and it is always a good one to tell as the children always love the repetitive ‘trip trap’.

Three Billy Goats GruffHow to make a goat. Continue reading

Craft Diary – Chicken Licken and The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen

Well Chicken Licken almost started a riot in this week’s session. As we went through the story I gave each child a different character Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey etc. But by the time we had a few swaps as to who was what I was totally confused, so it ended in a lot of laughs at my expense as I got the names wrong.

Then the feathers really started flying when we made our chickens

Chicken crafts for kidsHow to make the chickens Continue reading

Craft Diary – The three little pigs craft activities

Pig crafts

Oink oink

Well it’s week 3 of our farm animals sessions. So our story had to be The Three Little Pigs, but at the end of the session I gave them an alternative version.

How to make the pig

Continue reading

Craft Diary – Cow Crafts and Stories

We are continuing our farm animals theme with cows this week.

Cow craft







We have two stories this week. Continue reading

Craft Diary – Horse Crafts and Stories

This week sees the start of a new series of blogs on farm animals. Our first is a horse. A knew this topic was going to be a winner as being in a rural area many of the children have horses and there is even a community pony. We started with Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee, this simple picture book is about Mr Horses’s friends who want to for a ride on him, but when they want to go faster it leads to disaster. My reception group found this funny.

Clip Clop




We then made our horses

Horse craft






To make the horse Continue reading