Story Starter #2 Who or what is in the leaves

Here is our second story starter and we thought we would go outside and get some inspiration in this fantastic autumnal weather.


Here is the image you can print and put in homework books.

story starter

Imagine who or what is in the pile of leaves, do you want to be found or are your hiding? Are you snuggling down for the winter and want to be left alone or do you wish people would see you?

What is like in the leaves?

What happens to you?

Let you imagination go wild.



Interesting vocabulary you could use:

  1. autumnal
  2. rustle
  3. crunch
  4. buried
  5. golden
  6. crimson
  7. leaves
  8. mound
  9. snuggle
  10. prepare


Owl Babies Finger Puppets

Owl Babies is fast becoming a firm favourite with me. There are so many things you can discuss from the story. Such as how we try and sound brave when we are scared, feelings about being lost and about how we love our mums. I have told this story often in the run up to Mother’s Day.

For this story we created finger puppets.

Here is a template for the puppets.

We then decorated them with feathers and retold the story using the back of chairs for branches. It would have been fantastic to do this story outside with an old branch. Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful on the day we did this.

Get the children to go through the sequence of the story this is where story talk cards come in handy. Retelling the story really gets the children into the repeated rhythms of the book. The finger puppets help those reluctant to speak or those with EAL to join in.

This story is often one I use when teaching early years practitioners how to use Big Books and Puppets with Children with EAL.

Hope if becomes a favourite with you to.

Owl Babies Story Talk Cards £10

Owl Babies Wooden Characters £18.00

Owl Babies Picture Book £6.99, Big Book £19.99

Craft Diary – 17th Dec – The Night Tree

Night Tree Story Box

The Night TreeThe Night Tree by Eve Bunting is one of my favourite Christmas stories. It is about Continue reading

Craft Diary – 10th Dec – The First Snow

This week it’s two for the price of one. We made deers and rabbits.

The First Snow Our story was The First Snow by M Christina Butler it’s about a young deer who has never seen show before. The kids loved the illustrations especially the tactile sparkly pages.


Deerrabbit Using these templates Continue reading

Craft Diary – Squirrel stories and crafts

This week we are continuing our woodland them with squirrels.

Big belly oakOur story this week comes from a book illustrated by Chantal Bourgonje. Chantal has illustrated all of our books. It was this week’s book ‘The Savernake Big Belly Oak‘ that convinced me that Chantal was the perfect person for our stories. The book is written by Barbara Townsend and is full of very short stories about a tree local to us in Savernake Forest. It’s an old oak that is knarled and has a big hollow, it sits on the side of the road that runs through the forest. I chose the story Skip’s First Snowfall from it for today it’s one of Little Man’s favourites. The story is about how the big belly oak convinces a bunch of young squirrels to plant her acorns.

squirrel craftWe then made our squirrels using this Squirrel template ready for a story box that we are doing in a couple of weeks. We then finished with another squirrel tale called Scardy Squirrel by Melanie Watt. Scadey squirrell is afraid of everything so he doesn’t do anything until one day something unexpected happens to challenge his beliefs. This is a very funny story, it is not one I would normally choose for a creative literacy session because the story and humour is very visual but it was a fun one to end the session on.