Craft Diary – 17th Dec – The Night Tree

Night Tree Story Box

The Night TreeThe Night Tree by Eve Bunting is one of my favourite Christmas stories. It is about Continue reading

Craft Diary – 12th Dec – Christmas Crafts and Stories Part Two

The Night Tree Our second story is another heart waming tale called The Night Tree by Eve Bunting. It’s about a family’s tradition to go out into the woods on Christmas Eve and place presents fr the animals and birds on and around one particular tree in the forest.


We made own presents for the birds unsing scooped out oranges. I had made 4 holes in each orange and tied wool through them to make two handles in each orange. The children then made balls of lard and bird seen and placed thses into the orange holders. We then placed these on a tree int he playground.

Happy Christmas birdies.Bird feeder The night tree craft

Craft Diary – 12th Dec – Christmas Crafts and Stories Part One

The Little Angel

The first story I chose was Little Angel by Jan Pancheri, which is a story of an angel in training who is left behind as she’s too small when the others come down to earth. Little Angel still comes down and see’s a man who loses everything, she tries to help but feels as if she has failed only to realise she has unwittingly provided the solution.


How to make an angel

Angel craft






  1. Firstly we took a semi circle of silver card and bent it around into a cone shape and stuck it together leaving a small hole at the top.
  2. We tied white wool around a white pom pom and placed the ends down of the wool down through the hole in the top of the cone and secured them to the inside of the cone with tape.
  3. We then decorated the angels with glitter and bent silver pipe cleaners to make halos and wings.


Craft Diary – 5th Dec 2012 – The Empty Stocking

Now that it’s December I decided to start the Christmas crafts and stories. I don’t like to do it before December as it is such a long run up for the children otherwise.

We stared with a new book just published by Richard Curtis of Four Weddings and a Funeral fame.

The Empty Stocking







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