Story Starter 7 Teddy’s adventure in the black cab

This week’s story is inspired by a black London taxi.

Use the image above to print and stick into homework books or link to the video below of authors and storytelling sisters Tonya and Natasha to inspire your class.

Here is some interesting vocabulary you could use in the story:

  1. taxi
  2. jumped
  3. ride
  4. bare
  5. bear
  6. forgotten
  7. forgetting
  8. adventure
  9. vehicle
  10. mischievous

Story Starter 6 – The day I met the Queen

If London is your topic this term than this story starter would make a great homework activity.









Hear from authors Tonya and Natasha about this story starter.

Here is some interesting vocabulary for the story – taken from the National Curriculm word lists:

  1. kitchen
  2. dogs
  3. bedroom
  4. clothes
  5. peculiar
  6. reign
  7. century
  8. foreign
  9. privilege
  10. accompany


Story Starter 5 – A Pigeon in Trafalgar Square

This week’s story starter is to imagine you are a pigeon in Trafalgar Square, where do you go, what do you see? To help with the story take a map of London and plan out the route you will take, remember you will be seeing everything from above whilst you are flying – a real birds eye view.

Story Stater 5


Here is some interesting vocabulary for the story

  1. Pigeon
  2. Swoop
  3. Dive
  4. Column
  5. Aerial
  6. Congested
  7. Congregate
  8. Perch
  9. Current
  10. Flapping

Craft Diary – Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot

I was in my son’s school this morning and I couldn’t let the 5th November go past without doing Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot. It was also his year group’s turn for my sessions. He very proudly told his classmates that his Mum and Auntie Tonya wrote the story and that he was the inspiration ( we always put that he is our inspiration in the dedication in the front of all our books).







As it is a Year One group I used our early years create and show kit and the kids got stuck in making the puppets. We all throughly enjoyed it. The kids loved learning about all the other characters not just Guy Fawkes but Thomas Percy, Robert Catesby, King James I, Sir Knyvett and Lord Salisbury. I think they will always remember the 5th November 1605.

Gunpowder Plot puppet makingThis group also did one of the follow on craft activites which is given in the teachers’ notes for the kit which is making a firework pictures using a salad spinner.

Salad spinner firework craftSalad spinner firework picturesI think you’ll agree they are very colourful.