Pojo’s got himself another badge of honour!

Finalist logo copy                                                       pojohead and shoulders

We are absolutely delighted to say that our Pojo and the Chest of Dreams Create and Show kit was awarded three stars in the Early Years Excellence awards.

The judges said “The Pojo and the Chest of Dreams kit had a vast impact on children’s listening and attention skills. The children were able to interact with, and take part using the puppets, which is also good for social interaction and building confidence.”

It’s good to know our Pojo is such a little star!!

We were also delighted to see Little Livello was also a finalist in the maths category so it’s good to know that we’ve got a whole range of award winning resources.

To see the rest of the winners we’ve attached the awards special for you to have a read. Awards Special


Doubling entries to young writers competition!

young-writers-competiton-1When Jill Stevens, Literacy Co-ordinator at Collingbourne Cof E Primary launched a whole school writing competition she was expecting the usual 20-30 entries from the children at her small village school. She was astounded to receive 60-70 entries. Even better the competition encouraged some reluctant writers to have a go. The competition was so fierce they had to create more categories of winners.

The competition was based on our Pojo and the Chest of Dreams story. We went in to kick the competition off with a storytelling and to teach our 7 Steps of Story Writing. The children then made puppets of the characters using our Create and Show kits.


This is what Jill had to say about the competition and us: Continue reading

Craft Diary – 17th July 2013 – Pojo and the Chest of Dream KS2 Testing Part Two

Carrying on from last week’s post I went back into the juniors class to see what the kids made of the play. One really good point that came out of today was that in the teachers notes for the kits it would be useful to give some guidance as to the level of difficulty for each of the characters.

The boy reading the main part couldn’t read when he joined the school a year ago. He made a brilliant effort but his character did have the most to say so he struggled a bit but it didn’t deter him. I was really proud of him. He has come a long way in just a year, which is all down to the brilliant work they do at the school and his perseverance.

Of course all the typos from where I had finished altering the play the night before printing it were picked up. Oops, well, just keeping the teacher on her toes.

A few tweaks are needed with the play, mainly with the narrator part, but that’s why we test and we have plenty of time work on it.

Craft Diary – 10th July 2013 – Pojo and the Chest of Dreams KS2 Testing Part One

Rather than my usual reception class this week I was in with the juniors testing one of our new Create and Show kits – Pojo and the Chest of Dreams. You may recall I tested the early years version of this kit a little while ago, which I blogged about here.

est of Dreams Testing KS2I started off by telling them the story, which the kids seemed to enjoy. Next came the puppet making. I’m always pleased by the way the kids are keen to make the puppets even the minor characters. I’ve always expected the boys or at least some boys to be reluctant to try the sewing but they are always happy to get stuck in. Although the kids didn’t find the sewing easy they certainly seemed to enjoy it. One lad struggled a bit and needed help at every stage (the teacher told me afterwards that he needs guidance with most things as he doesn’t have the confidence to just give things a try) he then said at the end of the session that it was the most fantastic lesson he had ever had. As you can imagine I was on cloud nine after that. A few tweaks are needed as some of the thicker embroidery thread broke some of the needle threaders and I think a couple of things could be simplified but overall the session went really well. Continue reading

Craft Diary – 17th April 2013 – Pojo and the Chest of Dreams Early Years Testing

Today I tested one of our new stories, Pojo and the Chest of Dreams, with my regular reception group. It’s very timely to be testing this now as the class have a seaside theme at the moment.

In this story Pojo finds himself shipwrecked and is picked up by the good pirates. They take Pojo to find the chest of dreams but another band of bad pirates try to get hold of it. It’s a story of good against bad. Also through the story the children get to learn points of the compass and about islands.

Pojo and the Chest of DreamsThey really enjoyed the story and they then set to work making the puppets. Continue reading