Rainforest Environment

9781909875111Well when it came to the rainforest we couldn’t not do our Pojo Saves the Rainforest story, now could we. I also love performing this one, I get so into the animal noises.

For this week’s activity we created a rainforest in a jar. It is an activity I designed for our new Creative Literacy Teacher Resource Packs which will go on sale from next week at the Education Show. This activity appears in both the EYFS/KS1 and the KS2 packs, with the KS2 activity extended to take temperature measurements. This activity is brilliant at show the water cycle in the rainforest.

Rainforests and Costa Rica Resource Pack KS1


Rainforests and Costa Rica Resource Pack KS2



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Pojo Kicks off Book Week

Last week we had the pleasure of being asked to kick off Book Week at Harnham Infant School in Salisbury.

The children of the school had met Pojo previously because they had used Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot last November to tell the story of Guy Fawkes.

This time we told the story of Pojo Saves the Rainforest and then spent the day going into the classes to talk to them about how to put their stories together using our 7 steps to story writing.

We also gave them the challenge of writing a story with the characters from Pojo Saves the Rainforest and by the end of the day some of them had already come up with some wonderful tales of Pojo being a superdog and saving the world or meeting penguins. It’s always great to see where children’s imaginations go to when you let them.

We finished the day with a book signing and lots of the children bought other Pojo adventures. So he’s definitely proving a real hit in Salisbury!

Craft Diary – 9th August 2013 – Pojo Saves the Rainforest Testing

Today we joined a holiday club to test our Pojo Saves the Rainforest Create and Show kits. It was quite a large group with a wide range of ages but we successfully managed to test both the Early Years and Young Readers kits.

We brought them all together for the storytelling and a discussion about Costa Rica and the animals that live there. One of the staff commented to me that it was the first time that they had seen the whole group engaged in one activity for such a long time which was really good to hear.

After the storytelling we split them into two groups, Tonya took the youngest members to test the early years kit, whilst I took the older ones to test the young readers kit.

I’m always terrible at remembering to take photos of our testing sessions as I am always so involved with the group but knowing that we will soon be putting together a video for our crowdfunding projects I did manage to take the little clip.

Tonya then went back through the story with the early years group. The kids loved making the animal noises especially the growling whooping sound of the howler monkey and really interacting with the story.

The play went down well with my group as well. A few minor changes as always but a great success and the kids learnt a lot about the deforestation of the rainforests.