Aeroplane and Spaceship Craft and stories

Aeroplane and spaceship eyfsOver the next few weeks the theme for my sessions is going to be transport. As I’ve previously mentioned my current group is predominately boys (7 boys and 1 girl) and all preschoolers and some of them I suspect are not used to having stories read to them. One thing all the boys seem to have in common is a love of vehicles.

Also over the next few weeks most if not all the craft activities will give the children the choice of materials to use and allow them the opportunity to chose and explore different medium.

This week’s story is Oliver Jeffers The Way Back Home.The way back home Oliver Jeffers

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Craft Diary – 8th October 2014 – World Space Week Crafts

As this is World Space Week I decided our topic this week would be the moon. Well actually I was going to do the planets but the books I ordered for it haven’t arrived yet, so I’ll probably do that next week. As this week’s session had to be hastily put together I started trawling the internet for inspiration and came across this craft on a couple of people’s blog and thought was great at explaining the phases of the moon.  More on the craft in a moment. By moving the moon and earth you can show how the light is reflected. I have found two sites particularly helpful for describing the phases the first is from Woodlands Junior School (I do find this website is a brilliant resources for all sorts of topics and the best schools website I have found) and the second is Moon Connection.

Phases of the moon craft

Charlie and the cheesemonsterOur story this week is Charlie and the Cheesemonster by Justin C H Birch, which is a good introducation to explaining about the phases of the moon although the Cheesmonster has a very different explanation as to why it happens. We all loved this story.





How to make the earth, the moon and the sun from paper plates.

For this you will need 3 paper plates, piece of card 30x4cm, piece of card 15x4cm, 3 paper butterfly clips.

  1. Draw a circle 5cm in diameter using a compass on one of the plates and cut it out, this is going to be the moon.
  2. Cut the centre for a second paper plate, there is usually a ridge going around the outside of the centre of the plate, this is going to be the earth.
  3. Paint a third paper plate yellow to represent the sun.
  4. Paint the earth.
  5. Paint the moon and allow all the dry.
  6. When they are dry attach the moon to the end of the short cardboard piece with a butterfly clip. You may need to make a hole with a pencil.
  7. Attach the sun to one end of the longer card piece with a clip.
  8. Attach both card strips to the earth with the butterfly clip

Not too bad for a hastily put together session and I already have next weeks ready as soon as those pesky books arrive, fingers crossed.

Craft Diary – 13th September 2013 – 5 4 3 2 1 LIFT OFF!!


Well the new term has meant a return to my crafty storytelling at my local school. I have a different group this year. The teacher has given me a group of 5 Year 2 children as she wants to raise their self esteem and this group really love their crafts. There are a couple in the group who are not always fully engaged with school. Continue reading