Mermaid stories and activities – learning to swim

We continue our ‘Under the Sea’ theme this week with mermaids. Children are always fascinated by mermaids, are they real, are they not?

Mermaid 2Michael Morpurgo Mairis mermaidI’ve used this week’s mermaid activity for a number of mermaid stories. This week’s story is Michael Morpurgo’s Mairi’s Mermaid. Continue reading

Craft Diary – 17th September 2014 – Swimming in a box


Both of the our stories this week are about learning to swim with grandparents. The children in both the stories are nervous about learning to swim but granparents have unconventional ways of putting them at ease. We started with Harry and the Dionsaurs make a Splash by Ian Whybrow and continued with Lollipop and Grandpa Go Swimming. The kids loved both stories and we were soon discussing learning to swim.

Harry and the Dinosaurs make a splashLollipop and Grandpa go swimming






After stories we made our own swimming poll and swimmers.

How to make a swimming pool in a box

  1. Cut the flaps of one side of a box, saving them for later.
  2. Cut four slit in one end of the box roughly 5cm long.
  3. Paint the box light blue and allow to dry. I did these first three steps before the session as we don’t have long.
  4. Cut up strips of blue tissue paper and place in the bottom of the box to represent waves. I used two different blue papers.
  5. Get the children to decorate swimmers and cut them out. We used a download from Activity Village which you can find here.
  6. Cut the flaps from earlier into strips about 4cm wide.
  7. Stick the swimer to the cardboard strip and push them through the holes.

These were great for having swimming races.