Story Starter 9 – Splash!

Here is the latest story starter inspired by a winter walk near a lake.

Story Starter - Splash This image can be printed out and stuck in homework books or link to the video below.

This conjures up all sorts of ideas – who or what has gone splash, is it something under the water or was it something falling in, how did it get out, did it get out??

Find out what inspired us to come up with this one.

Here is some interesting vocabulary that you could use in the story taking from National Curriculum spelling lists

  1. plop
  2. sunk
  3. jumped
  4. squash
  5. squeeze
  6. water
  7. submerged
  8. reappear
  9. disastrous
  10. environment
  11. temperature
  12. reflection

Under the Sea Environment

The hidden forestOur environment this week is under the sea but I wanted to do something slightly different with it. So this week’s story, The Hidden Forest by Jeannie Baker, is about a boy called Ben who discovers the kelp forests under the sea. Ben is initially reluctant to explore the watery jungle but when his fish trap gets stuck his friend encourage him to explore – but what is that big thing behind him?

We created a story box this week.

Under the sea story box 1 Under the sea story box 2 Under the sea story box 3 Continue reading

The Snail and the Whale craft activity

Well we couldn’t go Under the Sea without this classic tale by Julia Donaldson now could we.

snail on the whale craft activityHow we made the snails

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Smiley Shark Stories and Craft

We have two Ruth Galloway stories this week but more about those in a moment as we get on with our making first this week.

Smiley Shark Continue reading

Clumsy Crab Crafts

Tip Tap CrabFollowing on from last week’s octopus counting story we have another Clumsy crabgreat counting story for you this week with Tip Tap Crab. The children were so into counting that the childre were still counting everything on the page when we managd to squeeze in another story, Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galoway at the end of the session. Clumsy Crab is about a crab who doesn’t like his big claw until he finds it very useful to help his friends.

Crab craftIn between stories we made our own crabs I printed out this template for the arms and claws onto red card and cut everything out. We did more counting as we stuck on the arms and claws with masking tape to the underside of a paper bowl. We then decorated the crabs with strips of red crepe paper. Alternatively they could be painted. Of course we practised our snapping.

Crab craft for preschoolers

Under the Sea – Jolly Olly Octopus Activity

Jolly Olly Octopus StoryI always love doing Jolly Olly Octopus with preschoolers, it is such a great counting story. My group this time were certainly no exception they loved joining in with the counting. We then made our own octopuses.

Jolly Olly Octopus
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Mermaid stories and activities – learning to swim

We continue our ‘Under the Sea’ theme this week with mermaids. Children are always fascinated by mermaids, are they real, are they not?

Mermaid 2Michael Morpurgo Mairis mermaidI’ve used this week’s mermaid activity for a number of mermaid stories. This week’s story is Michael Morpurgo’s Mairi’s Mermaid. Continue reading