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Captain Brainpower and the Mighty Mean Machine

Captain Brainpower and the Mighty Mean Machine

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The latest installment in our superhero topic is Captain Brainpower and the Mighty Mean Machine. Our hero’s superpower is his brainpower. Which is the best superpower to have in my book. Captain Brainpower and Mojo Mouse end up at the rubbish dump after being abandoned. But Captain Brainpower is resourceful and uses the junk around him t make a plane to get them out.

We used our own brainpower to make our own junk planes from the story. We used plastic bottles, margarine tubs, milk carton tops and cardboard packets to make our planes. What do you think?

Nat Fantastic – how to turn on superpowers

This week’s session on superheroes with my reception group focused on way characters turn on their superpowers.

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Our story was Nat Fantastic, Nat is a boy who whilst his mum is distracted turns into a superhero when he sneezes.

After the story we looked at all the people Nat saves. We then made our own Nat Fantastic to retell the story with.

Download a template to create Nat Fantastic here.

Nat Fantastic Puppets

After retelling the story together we brainstormed some ideas of how characters turn on their superpowers; such as putting on clothing  Nat Fantastic wears new pyjamas, Superfrog takes a big gulp of air and blows through his bottom to fly, a character could eat something particular or do a special dance. I’ll leave you to come up with your own ideas.

Superfrog making up Superhero stories

To kick off our superhero topic with my new group of reception children we shared Superfrog and The Big Stink. The children really enjoyed this story especially as to fly Superfrog has to blow air from his bottom.

I wanted to get the group thinking about making up stories. So we made our own Superfrogs (click here for the Frog Template)  and talked about their super powers. We then stated thinking about what adventures our superfrogs could have. They started with stopping a tall tower falling over. One child had he idea of helping Father Christmas, Continue reading

The Snail and the Whale craft activity

Well we couldn’t go Under the Sea without this classic tale by Julia Donaldson now could we.

snail on the whale craft activityHow we made the snails

Continue reading

Smiley Shark Stories and Craft

We have two Ruth Galloway stories this week but more about those in a moment as we get on with our making first this week.

Smiley Shark Continue reading

Clumsy Crab Crafts

Tip Tap CrabFollowing on from last week’s octopus counting story we have another Clumsy crabgreat counting story for you this week with Tip Tap Crab. The children were so into counting that the childre were still counting everything on the page when we managd to squeeze in another story, Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galoway at the end of the session. Clumsy Crab is about a crab who doesn’t like his big claw until he finds it very useful to help his friends.

Crab craftIn between stories we made our own crabs I printed out this template for the arms and claws onto red card and cut everything out. We did more counting as we stuck on the arms and claws with masking tape to the underside of a paper bowl. We then decorated the crabs with strips of red crepe paper. Alternatively they could be painted. Of course we practised our snapping.

Crab craft for preschoolers

The Fish Who Could Wish – teaching shapes

This week is the start of a new series ‘Under the Sea’ and the start of a new group. As usual at this time of year my group is the preschoolers orthe ‘practising reception’ as the class teacher likes to call them. This means that for some of the activities you will find I have either prepared in advance more than I normally would for an older group or that the activities are more open ended to allow them to explore materials.

The Fish Who Could WishAnyway we kick off with ‘The Fish Would Could Wish’ by John Bush with fantastic illstration by Korky Paul (of Winnie the Witch fame). Even through I’m a stroyteller the illustrations are such a delight that they have to be shown. There is a section in the story where the fish wishes to be all sorts of shapes and this was the basis for our craft today. We created our own fish from all sorts of shapes. Continue reading