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Pojo’s got himself another badge of honour!

Finalist logo copy                                                       pojohead and shoulders

We are absolutely delighted to say that our Pojo and the Chest of Dreams Create and Show kit was awarded three stars in the Early Years Excellence awards.

The judges said “The Pojo and the Chest of Dreams kit had a vast impact on children’s listening and attention skills. The children were able to interact with, and take part using the puppets, which is also good for social interaction and building confidence.”

It’s good to know our Pojo is such a little star!!

We were also delighted to see Little Livello was also a finalist in the maths category so it’s good to know that we’ve got a whole range of award winning resources.

To see the rest of the winners we’ve attached the awards special for you to have a read. Awards Special


Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile

Hope you are well rested after the summer break. In case you missed it next Tuesday 13th is Roald Dahl Day and he would have been 100. It can be hard finding a Dahl story to fit a short session. I chose the Enormous Crocodile because I didn’t know which year group I was going to have this week and works for a number of ages. In fact I have a year 2 group this half term.

enormous-crocodile-characterWe started the session by decorating the characters, some of the group knew the story and some didn’t. I gave them free rein as to how they wanted to decorate their characters with some interesting results including a monkey with feathers. It’s also a good way of seeing what a group’s fine motor skills are like.enormous-crocodile-puppets Continue reading

The Power of Creative Storytelling

SLT_Cover7-3_141-200 In this month’s School Leadership Today magazine, issue 7.3, our 7 page article shows you the real power of creative storytelling and how to harness that power in the classroom.

We have also included some recommendations for good books to use as well as a number of practical examples that you can use straight away.

We’ve included the article  here  but if you wish to register to get your free copy of the magazine just go to http://www.teachingtimes.com/articles/school-leadership-today-free-issue-register 

For more information on School Leadership Today or to subscribe just go to http://www.teachingtimes.com/publications/school-leadership-today.htm

Pojo Kicks off Book Week

Last week we had the pleasure of being asked to kick off Book Week at Harnham Infant School in Salisbury.

The children of the school had met Pojo previously because they had used Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot last November to tell the story of Guy Fawkes.

This time we told the story of Pojo Saves the Rainforest and then spent the day going into the classes to talk to them about how to put their stories together using our 7 steps to story writing.

We also gave them the challenge of writing a story with the characters from Pojo Saves the Rainforest and by the end of the day some of them had already come up with some wonderful tales of Pojo being a superdog and saving the world or meeting penguins. It’s always great to see where children’s imaginations go to when you let them.

We finished the day with a book signing and lots of the children bought other Pojo adventures. So he’s definitely proving a real hit in Salisbury!

Craft Diary – The three little pigs craft activities

Pig crafts

Oink oink

Well it’s week 3 of our farm animals sessions. So our story had to be The Three Little Pigs, but at the end of the session I gave them an alternative version.

How to make the pig

Continue reading

Craft Diary – 8th October 2014 – World Space Week Crafts

As this is World Space Week I decided our topic this week would be the moon. Well actually I was going to do the planets but the books I ordered for it haven’t arrived yet, so I’ll probably do that next week. As this week’s session had to be hastily put together I started trawling the internet for inspiration and came across this craft on a couple of people’s blog and thought was great at explaining the phases of the moon.  More on the craft in a moment. By moving the moon and earth you can show how the light is reflected. I have found two sites particularly helpful for describing the phases the first is from Woodlands Junior School (I do find this website is a brilliant resources for all sorts of topics and the best schools website I have found) and the second is Moon Connection.

Phases of the moon craft

Charlie and the cheesemonsterOur story this week is Charlie and the Cheesemonster by Justin C H Birch, which is a good introducation to explaining about the phases of the moon although the Cheesmonster has a very different explanation as to why it happens. We all loved this story.





How to make the earth, the moon and the sun from paper plates.

For this you will need 3 paper plates, piece of card 30x4cm, piece of card 15x4cm, 3 paper butterfly clips.

  1. Draw a circle 5cm in diameter using a compass on one of the plates and cut it out, this is going to be the moon.
  2. Cut the centre for a second paper plate, there is usually a ridge going around the outside of the centre of the plate, this is going to be the earth.
  3. Paint a third paper plate yellow to represent the sun.
  4. Paint the earth.
  5. Paint the moon and allow all the dry.
  6. When they are dry attach the moon to the end of the short cardboard piece with a butterfly clip. You may need to make a hole with a pencil.
  7. Attach the sun to one end of the longer card piece with a clip.
  8. Attach both card strips to the earth with the butterfly clip

Not too bad for a hastily put together session and I already have next weeks ready as soon as those pesky books arrive, fingers crossed.

Craft Diary – 1st October – They seek her here, they seek her there, they seek her everywhere.

Although this week’s activity doesn’t quite fit in terms of creative literacy as the kids didn’t really interact with the story I was in need of a little light relief. In the last week we have launched 2 new stories, 4 new kits plus we had a exhibition stand at Childcare Expo with me running a workshop on creative literacy.

This week’s story was 006 and a Bit by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt. This is part of the series about Daisy, in this book she pretends to be a spy but is very disappointed when no one understands her secret spy code until a mysterious stranger suddenly appears. Both the kids and I loved this story and had great fun with it. We chatted about pretending to be something we are not.

006 and a bit





We made spy face masks to disguise oursleves. I gave the children this template Spy disguise template so they could choose glasses, noses, eyebrows and moustaches for their diguises and we stuck them onto paper plates.

As I usually do with face masks I mounted them onto wooden spoons. Some childre feel restricted when the masks are attached to them, Where as with them mounted onto spoons they can decide if they wish to be concealed. Here are some photos of our disguises. Can you tell which one is me?

006 and a bit spy craft for kids spy craft for children