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The Power of Creative Storytelling

SLT_Cover7-3_141-200 In this month’s School Leadership Today magazine, issue 7.3, our 7 page article shows you the real power of creative storytelling and how to harness that power in the classroom.

We have also included some recommendations for good books to use as well as a number of practical examples that you can use straight away.

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Pojo Kicks off Book Week

Last week we had the pleasure of being asked to kick off Book Week at Harnham Infant School in Salisbury.

The children of the school had met Pojo previously because they had used Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot last November to tell the story of Guy Fawkes.

This time we told the story of Pojo Saves the Rainforest and then spent the day going into the classes to talk to them about how to put their stories together using our 7 steps to story writing.

We also gave them the challenge of writing a story with the characters from Pojo Saves the Rainforest and by the end of the day some of them had already come up with some wonderful tales of Pojo being a superdog and saving the world or meeting penguins. It’s always great to see where children’s imaginations go to when you let them.

We finished the day with a book signing and lots of the children bought other Pojo adventures. So he’s definitely proving a real hit in Salisbury!


We held a prize draw at the exhibition and had loads of entries, which was great.

There were 3 prizes to be had.  1st prize was a class pack worth £75, 2nd prize was a set of 6 books worth £35.94 and 3rd prize was a pop up theatre and a copy of Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot.

The winners of the prize draw were:-

1st Prize – Kerry-ann Worton from Birmingham

2nd Prize – Shiba Hussain from Walsall

3rd Prize – Naghmana Irfan from Coventry.

Congratulations to all of our winners and we look forward to hearing from you as to how the kids enjoyed your prizes.

Crafting our future scientists.


I was driving home on Easter Monday listening to Radio 4’s Start the Week programme; being interviewed were three scientists. One of the scientists Philip Ball made the point that science is all about making things and it’s a craft. I had always thought of science as looking at what had been made. He went on to explain that most scientific research is done in finding some way of making a practical product such as a medical device.

Heckscher (1966)[1] explains the link between creativity and science ‘in every great discovery there has always been somewhere along the line a creative act, a leap of imagination.’ Bernadette Duffy [2] explains this further with Newton’s discovery of gravity saying that it took a creative jump from observing the apple falling to getting to the theory of gravity. Continue reading

Crafting and a Child’s Development.

ity and child developmentWe all know that being creative with children is good for them, but why and how does it help them in later life?
The Department of Children Schools and families has identified that creativity for children allows them to express themselves, helps their decision-making, educates them in assessing risk and making connections through play and learning new things thereby building their confidence.
A lot of studies have been done in this area and Bernadette Duffy, author of Supporting Creativity and Imagination in the Early Years has identified that the arts can contribute to all areas of learning in children.  For example, she believes it can aid concentration, problem solving and helps children to represent experiences and feelings.  It also helps them to share and interact with others as well as aiding their motor-neurone skills.  The children learn to understand colours and shapes as well as presenting them with opportunities for speaking and listening, all important skills for life.
I agree and I’ve felt intuitively that the sense of achievement we Continue reading