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The Power of Creative Storytelling

SLT_Cover7-3_141-200 In this month’s School Leadership Today magazine, issue 7.3, our 7 page article shows you the real power of creative storytelling and how to harness that power in the classroom.

We have also included some recommendations for good books to use as well as a number of practical examples that you can use straight away.

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The Snail and the Whale craft activity

Well we couldn’t go Under the Sea without this classic tale by Julia Donaldson now could we.

snail on the whale craft activityHow we made the snails

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Craft Diary – Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot

I was in my son’s school this morning and I couldn’t let the 5th November go past without doing Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot. It was also his year group’s turn for my sessions. He very proudly told his classmates that his Mum and Auntie Tonya wrote the story and that he was the inspiration ( we always put that he is our inspiration in the dedication in the front of all our books).







As it is a Year One group I used our early years create and show kit and the kids got stuck in making the puppets. We all throughly enjoyed it. The kids loved learning about all the other characters not just Guy Fawkes but Thomas Percy, Robert Catesby, King James I, Sir Knyvett and Lord Salisbury. I think they will always remember the 5th November 1605.

Gunpowder Plot puppet makingThis group also did one of the follow on craft activites which is given in the teachers’ notes for the kit which is making a firework pictures using a salad spinner.

Salad spinner firework craftSalad spinner firework picturesI think you’ll agree they are very colourful.


Well we did it!  Our first exhibition.  It was planned with meticulous precision but it didn’t stop things going wrong.  Fortunately it was nothing major. Our printers machine broke whilst he was printing our catalogues but he managed to get them all done for us in time, although I know he was sweating, and our book stand didn’t arrive as it should have done. Thankfully a knight in shining armour brought it to the show with him and we had it to use by lunchtime on the first day, so all was well in the end.

We also decided to launch two new kits at the show.  Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot and Pojo and the Knights of Chepstow Castle.   As well as getting all that ready, Natasha also did an interactive workshop on creative literacy demonstrating how to use craft activities with stories to embed the learning. We don’t do things by halves when we do something. Is it any wonder we collapsed in a heap on the Saturday night!!!

Now we know from the testing we’ve done so far that the kids all love Pojo and his adventures but you are never quite sure what kind of reaction you are going to get when you do these things.  Well we needn’t have worried.  Everyone thought our storytelling kits were a fantastic idea and was something that the kids would absolutely love doing.

So as you can imagine we were very relieved to get such fantastic feedback from people as we sat down with a very well deserved glass of wine.


Natasha & Tonya Childcare Expo 14 vers 3


Welcome to the new home for our blog.

Welcome to our blog

We have moved our blog and we hope you like it’s new home. It was hosted under the same platform as our shop but we found it made things a bit hard to find.

You will see along the top links to free projects, news, articles on child development and a how to section so you can teach kids craft techniques.

We’ve also added a list of themes that we have projects for on the right hand side.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to bring over the comments from the last blog site, so our comments are looking a little bare so feel free to let us know what you think.

We also have lots planned for the new blog. Keep a look out for two new series of posts on fairy tales and another on african animals, where we will be recreating the Serengeti. To be the first to find out about this why not subscribe to the blog there is a link on the right hand side for you to have it delivered straight to your inbox.

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Tonya on 10 Radio

Tonya was recently interviewed on 10 radio by Suzie Grogan in her Talking Books slot. Suzie has written a lovely blog post all about the interview on her blog. If you would like to know what Suzie thinks about what we do please follow this link to her blog No More Wriggling Out of Writing.

Below is a link to the interview. It’s the first time we’ve been interviewed on radio and Tonya really enjoyed it.