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Three Billy Goats Story Sequencing

Three Billy Goats

For this story we reused our story box from Farmer Duck but this time our veg carton instead of being a bed was a bridge. I just added a piece of blue felt for the water. We made the goats using the template I used before when doing Three Billy Goats, which you can download and wrap around a cardboard tube. Continue reading

Stories from Around the World

I was on Facebook this evening and saw a post from a teacher asking where she could find stories from other countries and cultures. So I thought I would share with you a page from a handout from our Big Books and Puppets for Children with EAL & SEN workshop which gives sources of loads of folk tales from around the world. There are loads of folk tales out there, many we already know.

So here is my list:

●     First ask parents about stories they were told when they were children.
●    Classic Folk Tales 80 Traditional stories from Around the World Retold by Nicola Baxter Published by Armadillo ISBN 978-1-84322-855-4
●    147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell by Chris Smith PhD ISBN 978-1-907359-39-2
●     http://www.longlongtimeago.com
●    shortstoriesshort.com/story
●    www.shortstorylovers.com
●    http://www.english-for-students.com/Very-Short-Stories-for-Kids.html
●    http://www.shortkidstories.com
●    http://www.worldstories.org.uk
●    http://fairytalesoftheworld.com/

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

goldilocks-and-the-three-bears-puppetsOur traditional tale this week is Goldilocks and the three bears. I thought I would use puppets this week to get the children to retell the story. Puppets are my favourite way of getting children to interact with stories. It is wonderful the way a child will take on a character when they hold a puppet that they have made. And the fact that they have made it themselves makes them more attached to the character and what to be that character. Which helps their literacy as they can then see the story from their character’s perspective.  It also leads them to develop their own story about the character.

We used one of our cardboard theatres, to get the idea of an upstairs and downstairs I designed two scenes. I placed the downstairs on the aperture of the theatre and then placed the upstairs on the back panel.

Download the puppet templates here.

Download the scenery here.

Download scenery here.

The children loved retelling the story using the theatre.

To develop their story development further we then looked at ways we could change the story.

What if it wasn’t bears living in the house?

What animal could it be?

What else could they be having other than porridge?

What else could have made them go out for a walk?

What else could Goldilocks have done when she came face to face with the bears?

The children came up with some fascinating ideas. Most thought Goldilocks shouldn’t have been there in the first place and shouldn’t have run away and apologised.

Reusable cardboard puppet theatre, children will have fun decorate this puppet theatre £14.00

Reusable cardboard puppet theatre, children will have fun decorate this puppet theatre £14.00

Picture book, big book available from £5.00

Picture book, big book available from £5.00

Goldilocks and wooden characters from £10.00

Goldilocks and wooden characters from £10.00

Gingerbread Man Story and Activity

The Gingerbread ManTo celebrate the launch of our traditional tales range by Yellow Door. We will be doing a series of posts about traditional tales and creative activities linked to the stories. Each post will include a free downloadable template. All the activities have used with a group of reception children at Shalbourne C of E Primary school I go into the school every week to do a creative storytelling session. This blog is made up the activities I do each week, along with all the templates I create to hopefully save you some preparation time.

We are kicking off with one of my favourites, The Gingerbread Man. The repeated phrases in it are always a great for building interaction.


Firstly we made puppets to interact with the story with. You can download the template for the puppets here.

Template for Gingerbread Man Puppets.

I put out a variety of colouring materials and fabrics for the children to decorate their puppets. I think they look great don’t you.

We then sat in the order the characters would appear and acted out the story.

The Gingerbread Man

    The Gingerbread Man available is standard size and big book from £5.00
These Gingerbread Man wooden characters are a great way to interact with the story £11.00

These Gingerbread Man wooden characters are a great way to interact with the story £11.00

Traditional Tales Picture Books Set also available as big books from £25.00

Traditional Tales Picture Books Set also available as big books from £25.00

Jack and the Beanstalk

jack-and-the-beanstalk-activity-2This perennial favourite traditional tale that needed no introduction from me. We got straight on with making the characters.

You can download the character templates here.

I went to my local fabric shop Continue reading

Little Red Riding Hood

We continue our traditional tales series with Little Red Riding Hood. We recapped the main events in the story before decorating some puppets. Instead of mounting our puppets on spoons as usual I had provided some scenes which I had decorated.

You can download the character puppets here.
Continue reading